Cygnus Atratus was founded as a progmetal band in 2015 by guitarist Erik Callaerts and bassplayer Benny Vercammen, who have been playing together since ages and were together in several bands, mostly of heavy and progressive nature.


Together with ex Temptations for the weak drummer Tom Tuypen and vocalist Frank Vermeiren, the foundations for the band were laid, and 4 tracks were recorded in the Artsound studios in 2016.


The epee' The First Hour' was released ans successfully distributed and put Cygnus Atratus on the power/sympho/progmetal map

with exclusively positive reviews.


Later on drummer Kjell De Raes joined the band.


The epee was intended as a promotional tool for the release of a full album, titled 'The Empyrean Heaven'.


This time, female lead singer Marieke Bresseleers (Lords of Acid, Circle unbroken)- took professional care of the vocals, and together with the impressive keys of JP Kerckhofs, this lifted the band to an new level.


Later on keyboard player Anke De Raes joined the band.

After the cd-release in february 2019, Iris L'or joined the band to take care of the vocals.

The musical  features of Cygnus Atratus are at the same time very heavy and very melodic, with special attention for the lyrics.

And, of course, most important, a great passion for music.