BENNY VERCAMMEN                                     BASS PLAYER

Benny played together with highschool friend Erik Callaerts in various metal bands from the age of 16. Became a member of Whitefang in 1980 together with Erik. After this he was bass player with Iron Grey and various cover bands.

When Erik set up a new band a new collaboration was established and this eventually led to CYGNUS, later on CYGNUS ATRATUS.

MARIJKE PEETERS                                                        VOCALS

Marijke started her career with classical vocals and piano.

She also sang in different pop, blues and metal bands, such as the 'Double Black Diamond' metal band and the acoustic duo 'Sweet Metal Magic'.

In 2019, Marijke won a scholarship for the education at the Universal Voice Institute.

She works hard on her career as a professional vocal coach (at The Rockhouse and her own studio La Voca Loca).

She continually wants to educate her voice, seeks for vocal limits but most of all she wants to make music!

ERIK CALLAERTS                                                        GUITAR

                                                                   MUSIC AND LYRICS

Has been playing guitar forever in different bands, often in the company of esteemed bassplayer Benny Vercammen.

Studied classical and flamenco guitar.

Founded CYGNUS originally with bass player Benny Vercammen to make a concept album, as a tribute to the works of favoured writer Jack Vance.


Uses LTD, Jackson and custom build guitars, and Engl and Marshall amplification.

BAPTIST VAN EMRIK                                                  DRUMS

From 1992 till 1998, Baptist played the drums with 'Pseudologia Fantastica', a symphonic metal band from Antwerp and in 1994 with the black metal band

'Noctran Demanto'.

Since than, he worked hard on his career.

In 2020 he joined Cygnus.